Architectural Photography

When you need to capture scale, emotion, and beauty in a single image - our team has you covered.

We focus on photographing buildings, structures, and art installations that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of the designer's vision. As architectural photographers, we use specialized techniques, support gear, and cameras - but the photographer's eye counts more than the expensive equipment.

Exterior Photography

Exterior architectural photography makes good use of available light by day, or ambient light from adjacent street lights, landscape lights, exterior building lights, moonlight and even twilight present in the evening sky.

Most of the time, the landscaping surrounding a building is important to the overall composition of a photograph, and even necessary to communicate the aesthetic harmony of a building within the environment. The photographer will often include flowers, trees, fountains or statues in the foreground of a composition, taking advantage of their ability to help guide the eye toward its main subject, the building.Aerial photography/ drone photography is one of our capabilities (all photorgraphers are licensed and insured as drone pilots) — this relatively new technique highlights different perspectives of the structure being photographed.

Interior Photography—

Interior architectural photography can also be performed with ambient light transmitted through windows and skylights, as well as interior lighting fixtures. Frequently though, architectural photographers will use supplemental lighting kits to improve the illumination within a building. Either electronic flash "strobes" or incandescent "hot lights" can be used. A feature of architectural photography is that the principal subjects of the image rarely move. It is therefore possible to use post-processing editing to achieve a balanced lighting scheme, even in the absence of additional lighting. We also offer time-lapse photography on gimbles (evenly paced motion rigs) to achieve certain shots. We can discuss, and probably solve, any photography need you might be facing.

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