Chris Lyon

Chris is at the helm of our sales and business development team, communicating the value of Fidelis and getting the word out. He’s an Army veteran, a proud Aggie dad, and quite the storyteller. His heart is on the coast, so he’s usually there fishing or in the hill country in his free time.

The problem with most business podcasts is that they all sound and feel kinda similar. Have you ever noticed that they promote safe and well-tread pathways through a choreographed professional life? The decorations and embellishments change, of course, but only slightly. Platitudes and pithy phrases masquerade as 'insights.' Like business self-help books, thousands of episodes launch every year.

We endeavor to ditch the ho-hum, re-tread conversations - sliced thin for perfect placement on LinkedIn. We would rather blow right past all the surface-level chit-chat and cocktail party banter to dive deeply into a personal story: your story. After all, there is treasure in the depths.

What sucked?
How did it fail?
What did you learn?
Who told you the truth?
What cracked the code?
Why didn't it work?
Why did it succeed - really, why did it go so shockingly well?
When did you have the epiphany or make a key handshake?
Who mentored you the best and how?
What do you hope for next?
What is success?

This is the good stuff - the deep dark, good stuff.

These episodes help encourage, guide, warn, and educate professionals who need to hear from the business minds who've lived it and offer what they've learned. The greatest gift you can offer a person is the truth and point the way to victory. This podcast hopes to do as much of that as possible. Give an episode a listen and see what you think.

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