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What is Integrated Marketing?

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Integrated marketing is a subcategory of the more general umbrella category: marketing. Marketing, as a term, is so broadly used in today's business climate that we are forced to be more specific. Do we mean outdoor, like billboards? Do we mean traditional media: radio/tv, or perhaps digital - display ads and re-marketing? See, it gets complicated rather quickly.

'Integrated marketing' essentially means brand-led marketing across all marketing channels.
This keeps all the marketing efforts streamlined and consistent. It makes a marketing dollar stretch further because a brand isn't mixing their messages. The brand has strategically planned how a lead or a customer will move along the communication channels - the funnel - and finally convert into revenue. Integrated marketing means the brand grows in strength at every step of the way because the brand is clear, engaging, and generating big gains. This is the culmination point. We get there by looking right, sounding great, and driving revenue. It doesn't happen by accident and it is extraordinarily difficult to execute well. But when it works, a brand reaps a powerful reward - long-term repeat raving fans.


Brand Development

We dig deep to unearth the things that make your business tick. We identify exactly who you should be speaking to and then address the question, "Why should they choose you?"

deeply Understand your operation.

Identify your perfect customer.

Craft a memorable and resonant message.

Develop a voice for your brand.

Create meaningful brand virtues to fuel team culture.


Visual Identity

Create a powerful design system to carry your message to market. We design to meet the goals and criteria that we set during Brand Discovery and aim to stick out and be memorable.


Logo Development

Type and Color

Visual Language

Straightforward Brand Guidelines for consistency across all touchpoints


Design Collateral

Take the message and the identity and put it to work on digital and print collateral. Create the pieces that let your new brand live and breathe out in the real world.


Sales Materials







Digital posts



Use the arsenal of tools that we built above and then crank up the volume. Now that you look the part, it's time to go to the party.

Digital Marketing

Targeted Campaigns

Content Marketing


Social Media

Traditional Marketing

Your Journey
with Fidelis

We are hired for our vision– to see who you are and who your client needs you to be. 

We push our clients to make deep connections with their perfect clients.  We believe we can see where you need to go and the best roads to take to get there.  Integrated marketing does that; it helps get your brand where you need to go.

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