About Us


Fidelis Means

Years ago, we started our company out of a garage, so we know building a meaningful brand is challenging. The team would roll a push mower out the side door, turn the lights on and work late into the evening. At night, we would push the mower back in, crack a beer, and lock the door. The shop smelled like gasoline and ideas.

That's how we started, and that's how we run the shop today. Our entire team started in that garage. That's why we offer brands a comprehensive evaluation, propose a strategy, and help you get down the road. If you think you might like working with us and want us to help you build something special, we would be honored to help. Either way, you will be more informed about your road ahead — we can all feel good about that.

Give us a call and let’s get to it

Our Values

Below, you will find our operating principles— our guiding light through the darkness. This is how we run our shop.  We won't shut up about these beliefs because they are the key to good work and future success. They feel old and vintage, but they are time-tested. We learned them from old men and women, and we will pass them down the line.

Get Across the Ice

Our team is committed - we move across the ice, through the white darkness - knowing that we are tougher than anything we will face. We said we would do it, so we will. We keep fighting to be faithful.

Thankful Start to Finish

We start all shop meetings with gratitude - thankful declarations for our lives and for our work. Even when the work is slow or not exciting, we get to be around the people we love, doing what we love, and not digging ditches in the hot Texas sun (the owners started out on farm tractors).

Fun Wins

"We get to do this." We know not all work is as fun as ours. In our creative/inspiration-driven field, we have to keep a healthy mix of broccoli and mangos. Fun and creativity go hand-in-hand. Candy, beer, and good tunes are also fun, so we stay well-stocked.


We jump in and figure it out. Interns build desks and then lead divisions. Owners take out the trash and hang drywall. We do what it takes to push into new territory. We commit to projects knowing that our team is capable of making them happen. Our brand icon drop is fuel, blood, sweat, tears, and sacred oil — gusto juice!

Blue-Collar Creatives

We aren't rockstars or primadonnas. We are craftsmen who solve real problems because we want our clients to get down the road and succeed. It's about our clients, never about us. If we take care of brands, the work will take care of us. The best idea wins. All projects begin in collaboration. Egos aren't welcome.

Never Trust a Wizard

We are transparent with our clients. We are never hiding something behind the scenes–we are open and honest about our work. Transparency is for everyone– we can go deep to explain as needed. Nobody is above giving an explanation.