Making a boring something
Into a fantastic something
(Liquid Death)

This page celebrating Liquid Death should be filed under 'fan art'. We love what they're doing, but this isn't a Fidelis project.

We’re gifting you free sparkling water today to slake your thirst and tingle your brain.

Here is a shout-out to the brilliant minds behind a great product: Liquid Death water. Enjoy and BTHOEverybody, Ags!

This brand’s dominant message: murder your thirst activates that mission through conceptual copy. 
Merchandising and key celebrity influencers (skateboard legend Tony Hawk) is another carefully selected ingredient in that brand's go-to-market effort; it is evident that the brand powers all the marketing. You see, that's how integrated marketing works. The brand elements drive all the marketing - it doesn't work in reverse. It can't. Obviously, this can of water relies upon the stunning graphics, a pop-top can rather than boring plastic bottle, product packaging art, gothic typography, and youthful verve to reach a market that can't seem to get enough of....basic water(?!)

Americans guzzle packaged water. The United States is the largest consumer market for packaged water in the world, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil. Between 60% and 70% of all packaged water is produced within state lines, and the FDA can only regulate interstate commerce. Therefore 60% to 70% of bottled water goes completely unregulated in the United States.

We've seen oxygen bars pop-up in mountain towns and personal cans of oxygen (to inhale) are available on Which begs the question: Can you imagine explaining to your great grandparents that in the 21st century, there is a thriving market for air and water? Truthfully, these products aren't selling hydrogen and oxygen molecules. They are selling fun, performance, and an unusual experience. They aren't winning because of a flavorless liquid product; they're winning because they built a brand that woos an audience base and converts them into raving fans.

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