Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

Is Outsourcing Your Marketing Really Worth It?

To understand the benefits of hiring an agency to outsource your marketing, it’s helpful to look at the differences in these graphs. Each graph represents a different scenario you might come across with your marketing as illustrated by your marketing success over time.

(marketing success over time)

The Glitch:

One day you’ll be minding your own business, letting your marketing efforts zoom along like they’re supposed to, and then something happens. Technology or restrictions or the powers that be disrupt the flow in the form of copyright problems, blocked ads, or locked-out accounts. These bumps in the road can cause a dip in the graph as your marketing efforts are put on hold. Luckily, it’s just a dip. Once the issues are solved, your marketing is back up and running consistently like before. But while there may be consistency, there’s no growth.


In many lines of work, growth and profit fluctuate with the season. Some businesses thrive in certain seasons and slow to a crawl in others. That’s just the nature of seasonality. Here’s where the squiggle comes in. Summer camps and water parks can’t have that steady climb, and neither can Christmas light drive-through parks. Between the peaks and the troughs, though, the average remains steady. Those busy seasons still carry you through the slow ones. Aside from the ups and downs, the graph ends up with a similar end result as the first.

Start/Stop DIY Marketing:

This is often the result of do-it-yourself marketing. You come up with a really great idea, and you implement it once with great success! It’s proof that good marketing really does work. But sometimes small budgets or lack of vision get in the way. Maybe that brilliant idea wasn’t exactly sustainable. It turns out to just be a quick fix, a one and done. It’s almost like a tease- the short success shows you where you could be if your marketing was in the right hands.

Marketing with an Agency:

Look at that consistent upward trend! That’s what you’re signing up for when you work with an agency. When you pay to outsource your marketing, you’re paying for an experienced team of marketers to take the wheel. They have a plan customized to reach your target market and know where to get the most value out of your marketing spend. When the glitches come along, as they always will, they’ll be fewer in number and resolved quicker. If your business is seasonal, the peaks in those busy seasons will keep climbing higher and higher rather than returning to the same place after each trough. Marketing agencies know what works and what doesn’t, so you won’t see any of the one-off spurts in growth followed by the decline seen in graph 3. Plans are put in place so that your ROI can climb steadily as you gain momentum.

With an agency, you’re not just hiring one person- you’re hiring a team. We want to be your marketing department so we can get your graph looking like the last one.

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