What The Cuss Is A Creative Agency? 

Have you ever been innocently socializing at a family gathering, only to realize you’re surrounded by people who are completely unaware of what it is you actually do for a living? Dinner time rolls around and your aunt leans over and says “So, where are you working these days?” You put down your fork, swallow your bite of turkey, and say “I work at Fidelis Creative Agency.” Aunt Darlene gives a slight smile, the kind where you know she has no clue what you’re saying, and replies, “Oh, that’s nice.” and continues to eat her green beans. Grandma, however, wants to know more, and chimes in with, “What the h*ck is a creative agency?”

As you catch yourself fumbling on your words in response, you realize it’s a pretty fair question. 

So, here’s how we’d lay it out for her. 

In a world where businesses compete fiercely for attention, standing out is key. Take a trip to the grocery store, for example, and you’ll encounter hundreds of different brands in a single stroll through the aisles. Why does Grandma always reach for her beloved Raisin Bran over all the other cereal options? Well, there’s a high chance that it was branded with her exact tastes and preferences in mind. Every product on those shelves has been strategically crafted, planned, and executed to have its desired effect on the right people. Behind the scenes, creative agencies have been working hours on end, planning with ornate detail, to create the brands you know and love.  

One of the core functions of a creative agency should be to help businesses establish their brand identity. Think of a brand as the feeling people get about a business that they can’t quite explain. Creating that feeling, and making sure it’s warm and fuzzy, takes work. Developing a strong brand involves establishing who the company is and who they’re trying to target, which lays a strong foundation for all future marketing tactics. As we always say, “If marketing is the strategy and tactics of asking a girl out, then branding is why she says yes.” At the core of it all lies the ability to understand the target audience and implement strategies that resonate deeply with them. Once a creative agency has collaborated with their client to create a solid brand, it continues to help its client shepherd that brand with great marketing that speaks to the hearts and minds of consumers. Sometimes, a creative agency may have to dig deep into the nitty gritty with its clients, even if it means causing a bit of friction at first. Once the client’s brand looks right and sounds great, then they’re on track to drive revenue.

Explaining the scope of work that creative agencies handle is a bit more difficult. On any given day you might see one team crafting an adrenaline-pumping commercial for a BMX bike company, while in the next room, another team is designing branded Advil bottles for client conferences. You might hear “Media Team” and think “Video and Photo” but they’re also planning content and scheduling social media posts. Creative agencies can handle everything from naming businesses to utilizing real-time bidding (RTB) data reports to leverage programmatic ad exchanges. It’s not just about shooting videos and making logos; it’s about building and maintaining brands that speak to needs. 

So, next time you’re at the grocery store, take a closer look at the products on the shelves. Notice how the brands make you feel and think back to the creatives who have spent their days wondering what font will spark something in a millennial woman’s health-conscious heart, or what design will speak to a 32-year-old businessman with 2 kids. Whether it’s in the storyboard room or the design department, every aspect of the process is tangible, real, and important for cultivating that feeling brands create in their ideal customers. Creative agencies are full-service, creative powerhouses, equipped with a diverse team of experts ready to help you accomplish your business aspirations. 

That’s a creative agency, Grandma.

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