Until You Experience a Brand Workshop

We work on branding with great companies full of wonderful executive teams. That’s been true since day one. One of the biggest “aha!” moments for our clients is when they realize they’ve been building a brand all along when they thought they were building a company. A brand is a ‘gut feeling in the intended audience’ – it’s visceral, not cognitive. There’s no way around this – you are building a brand whether you want to, intend to, or have a plan to build it. It is happening! All day long, your customers are developing ‘gut feelings’ about your company – good or bad. That feeling is what your brand truly is. So, what can you do about it?

Brand development workshops are our tried-and-true way to help leadership teams guide and shape that gut feeling as much as possible.

We dig into the company DNA, correctly define your perfect market, position you to be music to the ears of the right people, and talk through building a culture that people love. As a result, our clients’ customers, existing personnel, and potential employees all develop genuine affection for what the company stands for and delivers. It’s like butterflies in the belly. You don’t know what is happening or why it’s happening – sometimes you just like a company. That’s what we’re aiming for. We establish a firm foundation upon which to grow and expand – one that will hopefully outlive everyone who was in the room when it was established. 

If marketing is the strategy and tactics of asking the girl out, then branding is why she says ‘yes’. The same goes for engaging both your market and the talent pool – you need them to say ‘yes’ to your brand. The nitty gritty work we do in the workshops sets you up perfectly to fuel a marketing strategy that will win (loyalty, conversions, etc., etc.)

But how exactly do you create that gut feeling? How do you earn that loyalty? Our brand workshops are the best way to start. 

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