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We surpassed 1.5 million dollars in Q1 for clients who have a combined $35,269.72 marketing spend. Marketing gets a bad rap. Big promises by fast talkers using slick tech have a way of ruining what should be a straightforward endeavor. 

Deciding to market is rather simple. 

First, decide what you can spend, then make sure the strategy is sound, and finally -refine, refine, refine! Marketers should be able to show an actual ROI – tracked month by month. This number holds the marketing team accountable to return value for the money spent. The big idea: marketing budgets should be adding to your bottom line, not adding to your list of expensive frustrations. If your marketing isn’t clearly driving revenue, then stop and find a better team. 

Here is what we did for our roster of clients in Q1. We’re thrilled with the results as our year nears the halfway point – it means we brought enormous value to people who are running their businesses well. Successful businesses push value and blessing into the earth. We love doing this kind of work and seeing prosperity stream to our clients month by month. Here is a bit more.


Our client’s marketing results have continued to climb to new levels month by month. Looking over their reports it is hard to remember where they were when we first met them: they were high, dry, and looking for phone calls, a far cry from where we are now.

One of our clients has had their “best month” EVER – for the last 3 months in a row. You can see where they were a year ago.

We began advertising for this client in August 2020

Take a look at the past three months (above) and you’ll notice each one broke the record from previous months of business. What about a year ago? March 2020 total revenue equated to $72,558, and one year later and after 8 months of consistent marketing, our client’s revenue has more than doubled at $149,845. That’s a difference of $77,287, or a percentage of 106.5%.

Here is one of our other clients (below) who we’ve worked with for over a year. This client typically performs well during the springtime and summer months as that is when their business has the highest demand. When our clients experience seasonal expansion/contraction – it’s helpful to notice year-over-year trends. 

Of course, marketing is more than just spending money on ads. It is a combination of ad dollars, creative media, and labor. To make that money go further, it’s important to have all the compelling media, messaging, and experts to point all the marketing horsepower in the right direction. In Q1, our clients invested $79,375, meaning for every dollar they invested toward their marketing and brand, they gained $17.98.

When tracking the ROAS, our average client invested a $35,269.72 sum; that translates to $40.45 for every dollar spent inside marketing channels.

Before the big freeze, we overhauled our client’s organic search engine performance to enable their business to be shown on the first page of Google – organically. Meaning for free, without paid ads (that’s right, and you can get your own SEO started HERE). This SEO worked helped move the needle. Our client began ranking so high organically, that they started ranking in nearby cities. We see this as a great indicator that a new market is opening up – an opportunity to expand!

Here is a glimpse of just HOW MUCH business increased during that period. 

Phone Calls by Month

Website Traffic by Month

And this is the little ‘x factor’ hidden in these reports:

The hidden variable not reflected in these reports – the amount of trust earned and appreciation our clients received from their customer base as they navigated during difficult times (pandemic, freezes, cancelations, etc.)  

When people LOVE the team you’ve assembled, random phone calls become your life-long repeat customers who leave great reviews and recommend your services to friends as their ‘go-to’ company.

Start a conversation with your team NOW about the things you can do to build trust and develop repeat customers.

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