Texan Plumbers Had a Rough February


This recent cold snap had Texans huddled around the thermostat, hoping for the tiniest bit of warmth. We had no idea how bad things would get: leaking ceilings, wet floors, freezing temperatures- all leading to the revelation of busted pipes. I’m sure we all know a few people who lost their plumbing through the coldest winter we’ve experienced in our lives – but how many plumbers do you know? 

We’d love to take credit for the massive increase in calls and website traffic for our client…

Our client’s marketing results have continued to climb to new levels month by month, (see our before and after trend above) and we would love to pat ourselves on the back for these upward trends.

But, of course, the cold weather had more to do with the surge in call volume than our campaigns. However, it should be noted, suddenly everyone in the Brazos Valley and Brenham Area was in the target audience for leaking pipes. Realistically, every plumber within a ten-mile radius had a back-log of clients and a waiting list for parts. With all the excitement of pipes bursting, the increase in calls was anticipated, but data reveals exactly how slammed they truly were.

Below is the representation of February 2021. It is divided into two separate date ranges: February 1st-13th, and February 14th-28th. In the last half of February alone, there were 423 new client interactions with the business that had never taken place before. The number of callers rose drastically from 149 to 466, an increase of 213%.

Prior to the big freeze, we overhauled our client’s organic search engine performance to enable their business to be shown on the first page of Google, organically. Meaning for free, without paid ads (that’s right, folks! and you can get your own SEO started here). This SEO worked helped move the needle. Our client even began ranking so high organically, that they started ranking in nearby cities. Perhaps in the future, it could be an opportunity to expand!

Here is a glimpse of just HOW MUCH business increased during that period. 

Phone Calls by Month

Website Traffic by Month

And this is the little ‘x factor’ hidden in these reports:

The hidden factor not seen in these reports is the amount of trust and love the customers have been shown during these trying times. When people LOVE the team you’ve assembled, random phone calls become life-long repeat customers who leave great reviews and recommend your services to friends as their ‘go-to’ plumber.

Sure, all plumbers received more calls, but what is the difference that turns a random caller into a repeat customer? Start a conversation with your team NOW about the things you can do to build trust and develop repeat customers. Don’t know where to begin?

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