Building from Scratch – a brand concerned about all the small details

Martin Creek Properties is a new entity building a portfolio of spectacular and inviting properties. They are convinced all the small details matter. They know that their clients need the perfect space for their most meaningful moments: bar mitzvah weekends, bridal parties and weddings, corporate retreat weekends, or family reunions. Their flagship property – a stately manor – is nearly ready for leasing as the rather extensive renovation draws to a close. The forward presentation of the home will also serve as the design anchor for all their properties.

We chose their colors based on the client’s love of ‘blush’ and terracotta palettes.  The property is heavily wooded, nestled in live oaks, and backed by a small creek, so we also wanted to incorporate green as a complementary color to round out the palette. The client knows women (with children, young and old) will initiate the bookings, so the colors needed to be warm, approachable, feminine, and modern. Likewise, the typography needed to be expressive: fun but not silly, classic with a little panache. Moret Regular pairs well with the line drawing; we love that lower case ‘a’ and ‘k.’ It also seemed to us that the verticals mimic tree trunks – especially that lower case ‘r.’

The brand will anticipate every possible need and customize interior scents from the main foyer (complete with iPad queued to welcome videos: explanations of where to find extra marshmallows for the outdoor fire-pit and who has the best take-out in town) to the bedroom linen spray.  We think these vintage motel keys will be great parting gifts, souvenirs of the best college friend reunion ever! Collectibles from all their various properties will be fun mementos.

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