Marketing Should Tell A Story

The best kind of marketing tells a story. It should tell you something about the people who are running it or the product they’re selling- just enough to make you want to know more. 

Here’s an example from Fidelis past of marketing telling a story:

A few years ago, TX Burger hired Fidelis because they needed an outdoor advertising campaign (billboards). They wanted to drive traffic to their restaurants using a coherent theme placed strategically along the highway leading up to their different locations across Texas.

They had a partnership with Nolan Ryan Beef, and wanted to target a slightly older demographic with their marketing with themes like long-time faithfulness, heritage, and traditional values. We knew we couldn’t violate that.

The potential with this medium was through the roof! We went all in – crafting a story about a boy and a pickup truck. This is Texas, this is burgers and fries, this is a good time! So we built the marketing campaign and the creative to speak to those hungry drivers. 

We knew that drivers and potential customers would be heading toward the restaurants from either side of each location, so we had the perfect opportunity to orchestrate a coming-of-age narrative with the progressing billboards. We mapped out the highways and made a diligent effort to prevent drivers from seeing the same billboard twice.

The story starts with a young boy, a dog, and a pickup truck (and TX Burger, of course). The billboards slowly move through the boy’s life as he matures, from going on dates all the way to fishing with his grandkid. TX Burger is with him every step of the way, from childhood to adulthood, in the form of the distinct TX Burger soda cup. We hired models, set a location, and planned for the photo shoot day – at sunset (magic hour) and when it’s a tad cooler in the Lone Star State. Then we took the media from that shoot and designed each of the 5 billboards. 

As potential customers drive along the highway, they watch this boy grow up. His TX Burger cup isn’t a main character in the story, but it’s there at every stage. Watching the progression of his life creates a sense of nostalgia as well as a sense of dependability across time, all in association with TX Burger.

By the time they hit the last billboard, drivers were invested in the story and realized their stomachs were growlin’ for lunch, too. We gave just enough information in the story to get drivers engaged, but left enough out to get people through the door to see what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, the campaign was a success.

People resonate with stories. We always have. Try crafting your marketing to tell a story and see what happens.

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