Marketing is Hard

The general concept of Marketing seems pretty intuitive, right? Just get the word out! But it’s not that simple, especially in this day and age where entertainment/distraction/stimuli are at an all time high everywhere. What specific aspects of marketing make it such a challenge to do well? We can name a few. 

  1. There are SO many tools

According to a recent study, there were over 9,900 marketing technology tools available in 2022. That number is staggering, particularly because there were only 150 available in 2011. Business is booming, baby! That being said, it can be absolute chaos trying to navigate the world of marketing today. That’s why we’ve found the most effective approach- structuring your marketing strategy around your goals rather than specific tools. We call it being “tool agnostic” and it has shaped our strategy immensely.

  1. It takes serious time and effort

There’s a learning curve. It’s often hard to see the results of your efforts immediately. Good marketing requires a concerted effort to remain faithful, keeping up that long obedience in the same direction to see your strategy through to the results. Most platforms have a 7-14 day ‘learning period’ before your efforts can gain real traction. Because of this, it’s hard to keep up the momentum once you’ve gotten your team on board with the strategy. Getting up to 70 mph on the entrance ramp of the highway is a lot harder than coasting at 70 mph on the highway, right?

  1. There are so many consumers

The market is packed with people looking for products and services. Because so much of successful marketing hinges on a deep understanding of your target market, nailing down your exact target is crucial. The answer cannot be everyone, but it can be extremely difficult to decide who it should be

And that’s not all.

Depending on your industry, there might be laws severely restricting your marketing efforts and it can be scary to know how to navigate them. Are you a service or a product? Should you speak from a positive or negative perspective? Do you understand how to speak to pain points? Do you know how to nail down your differentiator?

It’s a crazy world out there! Luckily, we can guide you through the process and develop a strategy tailored to you.

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