Marketing Case Study: Dynamic Drains

The Context

Austin founded Dynamic Drains of Texas (later Dynamic Drains) in 2014. Before pursuing his dream of establishing his own plumbing business, Austin had gained 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, which he transferred into his own company. Although he had a business name conceptualized, he lacked a vibrant visual identity. He came to us communicating that he felt disconnected from his brand, thus hindering his ability to effectively market his services. Our job was to help Austin deeply connect with his perfect market by pushing Dynamic Drains to Look Right, Sound Great, and Drive Revenue.

The Need

Increasing competition in the market had Austin Taylor exploring his visual presentation and all his communication materials. Dynamic Drains of Texas had an established reputation and a well-trained staff, but Austin wanted a fresh look, a tighter message, and a better pathway forward. Everything about his company was on the examination table. He knew that 80% of service calls originated from women property owners and he needed to be an approachable option for this demographic.

Dynamic Drains needed more than just a digital marketing facelift; it needed a complete identity overhaul. We hoped to surpass Austin’s expectations so he could advance his business beyond Brenham and into the heart of central Texas. Making a plumbing company stand out with a visual identity that matches the quality and professionalism of its team. As Dynamic Drains expands its fleet, home offices, and staff, it is poised to do so with a strong foundation.

The Approach/Results

In order to help Austin Look Right and Sound Great, we went through a full brand workshop and visual identity package. The workshop results laid the groundwork for a complete visual overhaul, including the design of a new logo, website, and various marketing materials. The comprehensive approach aimed to create a brand that not only reflected the professionalism of Dynamic Drains but established a strong visual identity that Austin could display proudly. 

Once Dynamic Drains Looked Right and Sounded Great, the next goal was to Drive Revenue. In July of 2019 our collaboration turned into a full-service integrated marketing partnership. 

We began the year with a new strategy. We wanted to be ‘at the top’ when people were searching for local plumbers online. Our goal was to show up prominently within Google’s featured LSA, sponsored paid search, as well as organic search. This would reinforce the brand to users searching and add authority to the Dynamic Drains name. After this plan was in place, we had to solve a visibility issue. We asked ourselves, ”how do we highlight a plumber amongst a multitude of plumbers?” We knew Austin and his team were more competent than their competition, so our mission was to communicate that to the market with a touch of comedy.

Our team workshopped a commercial to help Dynamic Drains stand out. We sent our media team to spend the day recording at Austin’s shop. The end result, was this:

This commercial circulated amongst Austin’s target audience, landing in the lap of anyone who might be in the need of a plumber. Being tool agnostic, we ran a CTV campaign to get the campaign to the right audience. It has been reported that the commercial was seen in the previews before a film at the Brenham Westwood Cinema. What a win. 

Nine out of ten times, Dynamic Drains secures the top position in the LSA ranking. We have confirmation of this through daily checks by our digital tech. This singular tactic has independently yielded an impressive 454% return on ad spend. We found that half of all users arrive to the Dynamic Drains website via organic avenues (SEO), and another quarter is attributed to search results (the Google search terms). This is the kind of thing that excites us. More importantly, the client is thrilled to DRIVE REVENUE that keeps driving their business forward. Dynamic Drains is a great company, with a great team, and we are honored to be a part of helping them deeply connect with their target market. Frequently we will see their branded truck pass by our shop and it warms our hearts to know another plumbing issue is about to be solved. 

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