Glimpse: Specialty Coffee

Okay, yes, we hit the coffee pot pretty hard around here. It’s a problem, sure. But we think a lack of productivity is an even bigger problem. So we slay that sloth with a nice Brazilian roast from our friends (and client) What’sTheBuzz.

What’s The Buzz came to us and said, We need some pop-wow. What you got in the way of some whiz-bang? and that made us sit right up. Design services and product packaging are top of the project chart around here. We love it. We know that fantastic and cohesive branding boost revenue by 24% – people point and ooh and ahh. They remember that they loved you for so many years. Your brand looks relevant, refreshed, ready to take on the world. Specialty coffee is an extremely precise term with international governance standards. Our client only sells the good stuff – the primo goods. If we sound overly enthusiastic, it’s for two reasons: Rodrigo Chavez is a fantastic guy who treats people well and two – I just downed two cups of Guatemalan Antiguan. That’s how we jump and jive for retail and product services – that’s how you get the best designs. Two cups of the Guatemalan. Botanical break.

Back to it – where were we, oh yes: we sat down and worked through an afternoon of brand discovery before hitting the design services phase. We built archetype profiles, client personas, talked through verticals and distributors, and we heard Rodrigo’s hilarious stories. Ask him about the two cousins that shot each other because they were on the wrong side of street. Hilarious. Design briefs and meetings followed, and then we got to make the packaging.

You never can tell on the front side of a project exactly how much fun you will have or how much difficulty you will encounter – with a design that just won’t work or a website glitch or a client miscommunication. This one was smooth, start to finish – like a well-balanced, noticeably nutty, and surprisingly sweet Brazil Oberon roast.

The last time we asked – ‘Hey Rodrigo, how are sales since the brand refresh?’ He gave two thumbs up. We think that means the creative is doing its job.

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