From Cow to Client

You can predict and guess and target as much as you’d like, but you really never know where a client is going to come from. 

One of our recent contracts had nothing to do with our marketing efforts, a little to do with a cow, and a lot to do with the good character of our people here in the shop. 

It all started one chilly evening in November when our marketing strategist/CRM guru, Ryan, was heading home from work. He was driving along a small 2-lane road when he saw a big ‘ol brown cow standing in the ditch. The ditch was small, and at any point the cow could easily clamber up onto the road from where it stood munching grass. 

Driving past the cow, it crossed Ryan’s mind that it would be seriously bad news for the cow and a vehicle if she decided to get in the way of traffic. That thought was enough to convince him to slow down, pull over, and find the gate to the property she wandered from. 

He fiddled with the gate for a second before it swung open with a groan. After a series of claps, stomps, and intimidating arm flapping, the cow was safely corralled back into the field she came from. But it doesn’t stop there, because there was a gaping hole in the fence. It wasn’t hard to realize that the cow would just get right back out again if he didn’t do something. So, what did Ryan do? 

Well, there was a sign on the gate with a phone number for the internet company that had a tower on the property. Ryan called the number and let them know about the cow, the fence, the whole shebang. He asked if they would let the owner of the property know about the situation. The company said they’d give them a call.

From there it was out of his hands, so he drove the rest of the way home for dinner.

Later that evening, Ryan’s phone rang with a call from an unknown number. The owner of the property was on the line. He was kind and thankful, and let Ryan know that he rented the property out to a local rancher. He asked for all the details so that he could go about getting the fence patched up (no more cow escapes). He said he was in California at the time but would be in town the following week, and he wanted to meet up to shake Ryan’s hand. Ryan of course agreed. 

The next week they met outside of the historic building that used to be our office. They shook hands and exchanged kind words, and it happened to come up that Ryan works here at Fidelis.

The property owner was taken aback. He told Ryan that our services are actually exactly what he’d been looking for. Completely unrelated to the cow (bless her), he needed branding and marketing for his new development in town. Who knew? 

Ryan handed him a business card and, long story short, they went through our Brand Workshop last week and we are currently developing their visual assets.

Moral of the story-

You never know where the next client is going to come from. 

Sometimes all it takes is going out of your way to do the right thing.

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