Glimpse: Innovative Tech

We know what you’re thinking: really, guys – really? Assault rifles in 2020? How could you?!

Well, hang on – our client, MAKESAFETECH.ORG came to us and said, ‘Our Mission is to Build Advance Products and Technologies for First Responders and our Armed Forces‘ and that seemed pretty cool to us. We could get behind that kind of mission from a brand who needed our help with web design. Plus, our motion-graphics Marine got really hyped about this project in a way we haven’t really seen before. It was interesting – his nostrils flared a little bit with his sudden enthusiasm. He likes building cool stuff for industries committed to innovation.

So, for a few weeks we looked like the kind of creative agency that you really shouldn’t mess with or accidentally surprise in the dark. The shop had assault rifle parts strewn about in various stages of media production. We had to explain to the kids (when they popped in) that sometimes we do work for charities and coffee beans harvested by fair-wage workers and sometimes we photograph badass folding rifles. Just like Ben Franklin said we should. (They’re kids, they’ll believe anything. So gullible.)

We got to flex our media production muscles – rotating images – termed 360 product-photography (that cool thing when you spin a product with your cursor – yeah, that thing).

Then we built a website to show off these very serious pieces of hardware. By the of the second week, even our pacifist creative director, was kinda thinking about joining a SWAT team. But only kinda. Design services rarely get quite this interesting – it was a welcome change for those couple of weeks. Check them out – they actually fold – the stock folds and the barrel. It’s wild. Our client was pleased with the project development and said,

You guys did great. We are pleased. Thanks for going above and beyond for us.’

That made us feel great and pretty tough – or tougher than usual, anyway.