Glimpse: Event Marketing

Digital marketing and event promotion – landing pages and banner ads with trackable performance and easy-to-understand reporting is a big component of ensuring an event really achieves lift off.

This spring our motion graphics guy had quite a bit of fun making dynamic ad sets for big events in Texas. One Hope and the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra were two projects in need of digital marketing assistance to build momentum and see the event go off like a roman candle. Digital marketing is how all the design work and the well-honed messaging actually drives revenue – otherwise, what’s the point?!

Rather than pushing dumb banner ads that don’t successfully attract the audience’s attention (motion always helps with that!) and instead of jamming so much text into those tiny ad boxes, we look to put the minimum amount of text we can into those little pixel fields. Less is more. Remember this: ads are annoying when the add doesn’t land with you. IF the ads are targeted correctly and hit the right person at the right time – we’re glad the algorithms found us. That’s how I found those great boots I was looking for, how I knew to attend that concert, and why my mattress is better than anything I’ve ever slept on; now – if we could just figure out a way to opt-out of the ads once we purchased!

We should get someone working on THAT!