Day 26: It’s Not About Vanity

Day 26 of 30. Let’s talk about websites that are a little bit more than vanity – websites that actually do work. Websites that convert.

So if you have a marketing team, and you’ve figured out your whole strategy, and you have this website but it kind of just sits there, the first thing you need to do is get analytics put in. You need to be able to see the numbers, see where your traffic is coming from, and see if it’s making any actual progress or impact on your business. Now assuming that you have analytics set up, now you can set some goals for those analytics, right? You can look at traffic sources and you can look at daily traffic and get those numbers up.

If you have web traffic that comes to your site, but it’s not actually producing a phone call, a lead, or a contract at the end of the day, then you have a problem.

At Fidelis, we look for websites that convert at least 4%. Sometimes 4% can actually be a really big number. Sometimes it can be really small depending on what you’re offering, but all in all, it’s at least a starting place. So I’m encouraging you to put some of that into your KPIs. Make sure that the website is actually doing work – it’s not just an expense that you bought and makes it look pretty one time. You should have some numbers that will help youmake some really good decisions.

I also want to tell you the way that you can get websites to convert- you can do A/B Testing, you can put into place new functionality. You can do all of that, but that work doesn’t ever stop. Let’s say that you have a killer website and it’s converting at like six percent or 10 percent. You can still do the work to get better conversion. If you have a better conversion, you’ve got more sales. You got more sales, you got more ROI. And that’s just good stuff right there. Do more of that.

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