What a Creative Agency Can Do for a Restaurant

Agencies can do more than just design a menu for a restaurant. We help restaurants stand out and be heard in a very loud market.

The Short Story

Americans know food. With the restaurant industry reaching over 660k storefronts in spring of 2018 Americans have never had more options and restaurants have never had more pressure to differentiate. And it doesn’t look like it’s trending away from that any time soon.

A creative agency / marketing agency exists to solve these exact problems in creative ways. Through a focus on your unique voice and an understanding of the market, a creative agency can deliver specific insights and direction that will help your restaurant succeed.

So, how do we get started? How is good branding done?

Brand Voice is Where To Start

Does your restaurant have a brand position? A brand voice answers two questions: What does is say to the public? And, who is it for? These seem like basic questions, but can be extremely difficult to answer. A Brand Voice takes this consideration another step further and looks at HOW does the brand sound?

The way to illustrate this distinction is to think about a kind word delivered harshly, or a harsh word delivered overly kindly. Impact and intention can be horribly misconstrued and that can be harmful to your restaurant’s first impression to new customers. It can be the difference in first time guest perceiving a casual dining atmosphere instead of a fine dining experience.

Next, Understand Your Customer

Before you can start Marketing, you have to know who you are connecting with. Connecting with large market trends on a Macro level and developing the right messages to put in front of individuals on the Micro level. It’s developing deep understanding of your restaurant’s value and how to be of more value. Understanding who your restaurant is talking to is the starting line.

Our creative agency can understand your market in very real and tangible ways. Starting with deep dives into data, a good analysis, and verification of those results, a small story of where your customer can be found, what frame of mind they are in when they engage, and how they feel when they buy. These are crucial understandings as you connect with your customer base.

Delivering Insights and Direction

Somewhere in the Venn diagram overlap between who you are and what your customer needs is the space where you can connect with them. It’s in this overlap that a compelling message well timed and well delivered can have a deep impact. You should choose a creative agency that is a-tuned to that space and offer meaningful insights and plans for execution. Above all, they should be in step with your team and help you understand each of their recommendations.

Some example direction we might provide look like specific campaign ideas, platform selection (radio vs. YouTube) or even guiding the re-design of your restaurants interior design. These are all services and places our Agency has had input. Oh, and of course, media creation always always always should be communicating to your customers in your voice!

Say it LOUD

While we deeply believe that understanding your own voice and communicating the heart of your company will put you out ahead, we also know that once you sound great it’s time to speak up and let the world know how awesome you are. The best time to speak up is when you know what you are saying. Through marketing campaigns and systems, our agency will have clear channels to get your ideal customer to pay attention.

Services with which Fidelis has Served the Restaurant Industry:

Brand Development
Brand Assessments/Analysis
Client Personas
customer journeys
user experience assessment
market trends/ analysis
brand discovery workshop
brand position & statement
brand delivery systems
archetype voice for copy
brand personality and social media guidelines
use and governance protocols
brand genesis and refresh
personality development, B2B, and B2C
naming, taglines, slogans
brand equity/risk assessment
Media Production
video production
motion graphics
environmental light projection
messaging initiatives and strategy
copywriting services
art/design based campaigns
layout design

Social Media
strategy, design, and management
analytics and tracking
community management
user-generated content advisory
affiliate partnerships and management
Web / Digital Design
marketing landing pages
SEO analysis
content strategy
app aesthetic design
web ad packages
email marketing campaigns
analytics and custom strategy
transparent reporting
Graphic Design
logo and supporting graphics
color pallets
photography guidelines
corporate identity systems
light projection

branded environment design
reports & slide deck creation
signage and large display ads
corporate training documents
catalogs and more..