Business going Virtual? Here are 3 things to help:

If you’re quickly wondering where to get started with your business in a virtual setting, we have a few tips that can help make this transition an easier one for everybody involved.

Some of our favorite ways to stay organized and access project files while our business is going virtual are the following:


Every morning our team meets in a virtual hang-out where we are all able to see each other face-to-face in realtime. This has allowed us to continue positive encouragement of keeping task-oriented on project deadlines, upcoming events, and voice concerns when team members are stuck. We’ve been able to see important documents in real-time through screen sharing and drop links to shared documents in the live chat. It has truly helped us stay organized, on task, and focus on the day ahead. You can even sign up for free here on their website.

Google Docs:

Having access to the documents that are used and needed on a daily basis is important, so it’s imperative to have access to them when out of the office. It’s simple to use, and access to files can be edited and adjusted for personal/private or shared amongst certain people for viewing purposes, commenting purposes, and even editing purposes.


Projects can get messy- and sometimes with a simple Google Doc strategy comments/conversations can easily get lost in the mix. This is why our team loves using Basecamp. Their slogan of “One place, not all over the place” is an easy way to explain it. Companies can easily be set up with the ability to add team members by using their email. Once your team is set up, you can set up projects and invite clients to their projects. Inside each project folder there is a place to chat with team members, send messages, post documents and files, create internal to-do’s, create scheduling about each particular project and more! On each post, you can choose who gets notified and even keep things private in a direct message. You can get a free 30-day trial here, but assuming you’ll love it as much as we do you’ll want to continue using it!

Business Going Virtual
Business Going Virtual? We’re here to help.

We hope these three tools are things that you can use to help your team stay organized while transferring to a virtual setting. If you have questions or are having trouble, send an email to or call (979)-347-1877 to set up free 30-minute consultation for us to help your business through this transition!

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