Brands Should Make You Feel Something 

“If marketing is the strategy and tactics of asking a girl out, then branding is why she says yes.” 

We use this saying around the shop to help explain the interplay between branding and marketing. 

Simply put, you can run all the ads you want, employ the perfect SEO strategies, and get your logo in front of all the right people, but they still don’t have to say yes to your offering. Why? Because your brand also has to speak to their needs. It needs to make them move. Just because they need your product or service, doesn’t mean you’re a shoo-in for the job.

There’s more to a successful business than just an effective marketing strategy. If you don’t have a solid brand foundation and a keen awareness of who your ideal customer is, you won’t be the type of brand that resonates with them. They’ll likely pick someone else.

What is a brand, anyway?

People have different concepts of what a brand is. A lot of people think it’s just a logo or slogan, but ultimately, a brand is a gut feeling. It’s the associations you have with a company, the deep and emotional response that someone has after they interact with you. It’s visceral. It’s often hard to put into words. It’s the reason people are loyal to a single brand when it comes to certain things, like butter, jeans, or grocery stores. If a brand speaks deeply to the wants and desires of its customers, it can win them for life

Now, it doesn’t have to be mushy gushy. A brand doesn’t have to bring people to happy tears to be successful (though, it never hurts). It just has to meet their needs and say what their customers need to hear

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