Are We Gonna Click?

We might not be your kind of agency, but we can still be friends.


Some relationships work better than others, and you can tell right away if there’s chemistry. That’s why speed-dating is a thing. If it’s right, it’s right. If it isn’t, you sure don’t want to be stuck chatting through someone’s backstory for two hours if there is no pop and sizzle. Right?

Well, here is a quick opportunity to pass on us. We will lay all our cards on the table, and you can reject us right away!

No hard feelings; we can still be friendly.

There is no spark when:

Brands ‘ghost’ on a project midway through or don’t provide necessary info for collateral pieces or production.

Contacts start conversations with ‘hey buddy, can you do me a logo?’ or say ‘yeah, but see, I can build my own website through’ That’s true. We know that. We know there are off-the-shelf products on the market for businesses: website templates, logo generators, color wheels, and great production camera gear for under 3K. We know. Fidelis is hired to think about how to build brands strategically and holistically. There isn’t an app for that. We offer the concepting strategy behind the construction of brand assets and collateral; we also offer to do everything for you with hi-fidelity and speed.

Brand decision-makers want to function as the Creative Director and know better than all the other pros at the table. Our process is highly interactive, and we honor our client’s voice/wishes every step of the way, but our team of creatives needs room to build their best work. Our team answers to our Creative Director and our Creative Director answers to the needs outlined by the client.

We really sizzle when:

We are talking to a brand’s C-suite, Director-level, Owners, and Principals — we have to be in discussion with decision makers. It just doesn’t work any other way. We need a solid point of contact who can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ — otherwise, the situation gets awkward. ‘Well, Fidelis, I really like you, but Sarah says I should just play it cool and be kinda flirty.’ See?

Clients want a long-term relationship – not a one-time engagement. We only seek to build meaningful, trusted partnerships. We think in terms of value to deliver this level of quality professionalism.

Brands trust our commitment to building great work. We love working with people who stay engaged in communication with our team — who are okay with honest feedback. We love honest feedback and long walks in the park! Are we connecting yet? You have a beautiful smile, did we say that already?

Past Relationships

You should know we honor deadlines. In fact, we’ve only missed ONE deadline in the last three years of business. We were three hours late on delivery because a file corrupted. Sad, but true. How’s that for transparency?!

We assume the best of our clients and we communicate with lightning-quick responses to emails, phone calls, or meetings.

We build and bill via contracts for our professional work. We deliver work according to a Scope of Work but receive payment for services upon signing the contract. Contracts are standard practice in our industry: shooting commercials, designing billboards, placing print-ads. That’s ‘contracted services’ kind of work – that isn’t ‘spec work.’

The Fidelis shop speaks kindly and respectfully to everyone all the time. It’s a wild world in 2019, but we expect the same professionalism when clients engage with our support staff. Mutual respect matters.

Is there some chemistry happening?

Are you feeling like we might be a match? If you feel like there’s a little magic happening and we might have more to talk about, then let us buy you a ‘no-commitment’ cup of coffee. We know all the good places for coffee. OH! We should mention that:

We have a stable job.

We’re the kind of shop you could bring home to meet your mother.

We love dogs.

We’re into snowboarding, live music, and the following activities:

Brand Development
Brand assessments/analysis
Client personas
Customer journeys
User experience assessment
Market trends/analysis
Brand discovery workshop
Brand position & statement
Brand delivery systems
Archetype voice for copy
Brand personality and social media guidelines
Use and governance protocols
Brand genesis and refresh
Personality development, B2B, and B2C
Naming, taglines, slogans
Brand equity/risk assessment
Media Production
Video production
Motion graphics
Environmental light projection
Messaging initiatives and strategy
Copywriting services
Art/design-based campaigns
Layout design

Social Media
Strategy, design, and management
Analytics and tracking
Community management
User-generated content advisory
Affiliate partnerships and management
Web / Digital Design
Marketing landing pages
SEO analysis
Content strategy
App aesthetic design
Web ad packages
Email marketing campaigns
Analytics and custom strategy
Transparent reporting
Graphic Design
Logo and supporting graphics
Color palettes
Photography guidelines
Corporate identity systems
Light projection

Branded environment design
Reports & slide deck creation
Signage and large display ads
Corporate training documents

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