How to 53x Your Marketing Investment in 1 week

This is the story of one simple equation. A client; Mr. Anderson for today’s example, trusted us with his entire marketing budget and execution. These are the 7 things we put in place to make sure that money performed for him. It blew our expectations out of the water to the tune of 53 times his initial investment. If someone handed me $53 every time I handed them one dollar, I’d hand over every dollar I could get my hands on.

1 – Determine the right channel

Not every marketing channel is the right channel for your product or service. Certain channels are right for certain goals/clients. For instance, Email Campaigns aren’t usually high return channels for everyone. Adwords works for some businesses. It would be a little silly to sink every dollar and hours of development into a dynamic robust email campaign only to get lost in the noise of your competition. For our 53x client, we decided Search Engine Keyword Marketing was the right call.

Defining your business goals will help you know know the targets to hit with your marketing campaigns. (Image Description: An Archer hitting a target)

2 – Install Accountability and Accounting

Next, we MUST hold the marketing dollars accountable for their returns. Systems that help bring all of this together include Google Analytics, Adwords Dashboards, dedicated budget accounts, and good ol’ spreadsheets. We use data aggregation software to make these processes seamless- and there are loads of tools out there. But, in short, don’t just throw dollars at the market and hope. Actually order the campaigns before they start and measure as they run.

3- Track Calls

One of the best and most reliable direct ways to track and improve your marketing is through call tracking. Assigning a unique phone number to each marketing effort allows you to see and hear where your efforts are paying off. You will discover the origin of every lead! That’s powerful information and part of the reason we were able to track the source of these leads and calculate ROI.

Using readily available tools like Google Analytics will help you see what is working in your marketing. ( Image Description: Photo of a cell phone screen with the word “analytics” in a google search box)

4 – Get Copy On-Point

Your copy should be good, disruptive, and clear. This starts with understanding where a customer is when they come to you. Our client provided relevant written content on their website that allowed us to develop highly specific ads with a strong conversion rate. By speaking to the client when they search for relevant keyword terms, they will see your ad speaking to exactly their needs.

5 – Validate the System

Start with your assumptions: test, refine, and re-test. In this case, we went through the client’s entire list of services, and then we set up what we ‘assumed’ were good services/products to promote. We found which ones failed or were too “common” to compete; but, we also found the avenues where we could make real headway. We identified expensive search terms that were not working and eliminated them, focusing on keywords that were more precise and cost-effective.

Try keeping all your marketing metrics trending UP towards growth. (Image Description: White Arrows on weathered boards pointing up)


Once we knew where the big gains could be found, we put money behind it and let it ROLL as we tracked performance. We were able to determine a bid strategy that conservatively used campaign funds, made small tweaks to the campaigns that spent too much money without results, and funneled money into campaigns that resulted in actual bookings. Overall, we achieved lower costs per click, higher impression rates, and an exponential increase in clicks and bookings.

7 – Review and Improve

With calls coming in and jobs getting booked, we tied each ticket item and invoice back to a phone call where we were able to identify the source of each lead. In turn, we were able to determine what channels and which campaigns were performing at the highest caliber. As a result, we ramped our client’s return on investment in advertising spend by 53x in just one week.

Good Marketing Campaigns should have a Multiplying effect. (Image Description: Hand Painted signs showing the multiplication tables on stairs going up)

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