Day 8: B2B…B2P?

Day 8 of 30. Here’s a little bit about B2B marketing.

First off, communication differences between B2B and B2C (and audience building, traditional marketing, etc.) ultimately equals zero! Regardless of platform, you still have to talk to people about their common fears and common hopes, and you still have to communicate your own value propositions.

B2B really is business to people. Even on social media, LinkedIn, etc, you’re still able to connect with the human element. Sure, your marketing strategies might be different. That is true. You might employ LinkedIn versus Instagram, you might look at newsletters instead of trade magazines, or maybe trade magazines instead of your local magazines. There are different kinds of behaviors and different kinds of audiences on different types of platforms, absolutely. But still, at the core of it, you really can be speaking very humanly because we’re all in business and we’re all people. 

Really, all of that breaks down into just being authentic.

We hope that encourages you. We hope that maybe this concept will push you in the direction of being a little bit more true to your own self. It really is a good thing. 

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