Day 6: Websites

Day 6 of 30. It seems like everybody who’s anybody has a website, but what are they intended to do?

As you’re looking at your website, here’s what I need you to think about-

Is this about aesthetics or is this about communicating some sort of need or problem fix for your customer?

You need to look at websites as agents that convert all of the energy of all of your marketing (social media, email, billboards, skywriting, or whatever it may be) into leads. All of that energy needs to go to your website and convert into leads, contracts, conversations, phone calls, or emails. The way that you do that is by having a website that’s not necessarily about you but more so about your customer and how you are going to solve their problem or make their life better. So if your website is about vanity, go buy yourself a new pair of boots and turn the website off. But if it’s about the rest of your market and your customer, you’ve got a great website. From there, you need to start looking at how well it performs and if it converts to a conversation. 

That, my friends, is a great website

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