Day 4: SEO vs. SEM

We’re just screaming along, aren’t we?!

All right, so I’m guessing that somebody along the way maybe said something to you along the lines of – you need to have good SEO. Today we’re going to discuss what SEO versus SEM actually means. So search engine marketing (that is SEM) is a big umbrella term that answers the question- how do I show up first on all of the search engines? 

By contrast, SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is a practice within search engine marketing. Neither is an all-encompassing marketing strategy, so both need consideration about how they fit within a broader strategy.

Great. Now what?

You may be interested in a total holistic search engine marketing strategy. If you’re going to jump into marketing initiatives, you’ll want your website to be optimized. You’ll want Google to be able to see you – to understand you – to be able to catalog you – and to serve you up as a great possible solution to somebody’s search query.

Search engine marketing is the set of practices by which you go about not just informing Google, but also directing your own marketing practices. It’s how you tell your audience who you are what you’re about – so SEM is more proactive. SEO, by contrast, is a bit more passive. It’s long-term traction, authority kind of play. Both of these take time, but you will enjoy a lot of really great results if you take the time and let it build some momentum.

As always, if you ever want to do a deeper dive on any of these subjects just hit me up and we’ll talk about it, but in the meantime – go out there and get it.

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