Day 27: Fill The Tub

Day 27 of 30. Let’s talk about marketing when your business goes slow -slow seasons, slow economy, slow time of day.

Sometimes here in Texas August gets really hot and people just stop buying stuff. So what do you do as a business whenever the market goes slow? A lot of businesses have the impulse to pull cash, to get conservative, and the first place they pull from is their marketing and this is a horrible decision! It’s not good, don’t do it. For your own sake please don’t do it.

Think about a bathtub. If your goal is to fill up the bathtub with as much water as possible (which in this case is customers) and all of a sudden you start to notice that the lines are going down and the water’s not filling up and it’s maybe splashing over the side, the answer is not to turn off the tap. Turn the tap on more! Turn it all the way on. See what else you can do. Fix the problems as you see them. Fix the problems as they come up, and sometimes even just having some water in the tub will tell you where the problems are. But do that kind of work first before you turn off all of your marketing.

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