Day 24: Remarketing, Your New Best Friend!

Day 24 of 30. Are you familiar with remarketing and how amazing and cost-effective it is? 

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes on Zappos? Then for 3 days, those shoes follow you around the internet and you’re like, oh they’re spying on me? They’re not really spying on you. Here’s what they’ve done – they’ve dropped a little pixel or a cookie on your browser and they have instructed Google to spend money on you to show you the shoes that you are already looking at to just remind you for a couple of days. Because, the assumption is that while you were about to buy those shoes, the doorbell rang. So all they are doing is trying to finish and complete the sale, and that is not an invasion of your privacy or anything like that.

Here’s why it’s awesome for you as a business owner or as a marketing person- that person has already qualified themselves to be interested in your product or service. 

They’ve done the research, they’ve gone to your website. They have acted in such a way and interacted with your content in such a way that you now have the ability to show them what they were already looking at. So remarketing cost in terms of new customer acquisition is near the absolute bottom of your sales funnel, and so it’s super cost-effective. And typically you can buy remarketing space and ads for pennies on the dollar because Google is compelled to show people what they care about, and they’ve already shown that they care about this product or service. If remarketing is not already in your marketing strategy, get there because it’s good stuff. It’s just very easy to implement and it’s also super effective. You’re completing a sale so, you know, spend 27 cents and it garners you a full invoice. It just makes sense. It needs to be part of your marketing strategy. It needs to be right out there up in the front. So if you have a marketing person, you yourself are doing it or if you hire an agency, look into that. Ask somebody about remarketing.

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