Day 23: People First

Day 23 of 30. Have you ever heard of the concept of people first? Steve Jobs was fantastic at this. He would think through the customer experience first and design backward. You can do that in your own marketing and also in your products and your service and everything, of course. But in your marketing, which is what I’m talking about, it looks kind of like this-

Connect first with your customer and understand them deeply. Think about their fears, think about their hopes, regardless of if you’re selling a hamburger, a dress, financial services, a piece of software, or earthmoving.

Understand your customer. They all come to the table with commonalities. They’re worried about safety, they’re worried about timing, they’re worried about money, their budget, their quality. They have these common things that you can address in your marketing.

The days of B2B, the days of B2C and thinking that way have to be over. You have to start thinking about people and what it is that they need you to be.

Stop thinking about and stop using your language about B2B and start thinking about people. “Hey, I solve people’s problems.” I hope that helps you turn your mind around and think through how it is that you serve your community, your state, your customer base, your audience. Whatever it is, be focused on them and understand them. Good luck out there.

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