Day 20: Distinctive Competency

Day 20 of 30. Distinctive competency. It’s what makes us different from other agencies.

Beyond all of the things that we’ve previously discussed that we believe in -from reporting, transparency, alignment, and those types of healthy communication skills- there are some things that make Fidelis a little bit more unique and a little bit different than most of the different companies in our space.

The big one of those distinctive competencies is not just about how Fidelis means faithful, and it’s not just about our core values (about Gusto or getting across the ice). One of the big things that I think is really unique is that, while most agencies and service providers out there will provide you with one or two really solid services, what we look to do is blend branding and your marketing. Then your marketing is made more effective. It’s made more impactful whenever you understand branding and the fact that branding needs a place to get out. Sometimes you can focus all on branding and never actually get your voice out into the market, but we believe and we see these two worlds play with each other so well. So what we’ve done is we’ve created systems in which the two play and work together to bring our clients huge value. That’s where we put our focus- on that communication between branding and marketing.

So if you’re interested in learning more about that and doing deeper dives on your own brand and your own marketing strategies, come talk to us.

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