Day 11: Tell Them Stories

Day 11 0f 30. Let’s talk about brand values and how they play into your marketing.

People like doing business with people that they understand, that they align with. Whether it’s cultural mentalities or herd mentalities or just being comfortable- call it what you want. The idea is the same:

The more people know about you, the more they’re going to be comfortable spending their money with you.

That’s just the way it’s been since the beginning of time – since we were bartering ducks for chickens. Your best tool for getting that out there is a clearly articulated mission statement and a clearly articulated core value system. Now, I want to encourage you to stay away from generic, meaningless, milquetoast brand values.

What you really want are clear, thought-through, important-to-you, and story-backed brand values. From there, you can tell stories that will connect with people and they will understand you in a deeper way. Even better, it actually makes really excellent marketing material to be able to tell those stories out in the market. Whether you’re selling a widget or a service, people connect with stories. Your marketing can follow all of that. 

So today if you have a second, write down two or three stories from your past that have really shaped how your business has grown. Maybe they clearly show and articulate the quality work that you do or the value that you bring. Maybe that’s a little bit of homework, or maybe it’s encouragement. Regardless, we hope it helps. 

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