Day One: Framing

The idea

Hey everybody. My name is Tim Douglas. And I own Fidelis Creative Agency – we help brands get a voice & get loud. So I thought it would be a good idea to put together 30 topics that I think you want to know about. I really hope that you leave some comments or shoot me a message to talk about what you want to hear. 

Who is this for? 

This is for business owners. People who have a product or a service – a value that they want to put out into the world. This is not necessarily for marketers. If you’re a marketer and you’re watching this you’re going to be thinking man, that’s redundant and I already know all that so I mean, you’re welcome to watch. I can’t stop you, but I also hope that this is crazy valuable for business owners and movers & shakers in the economy.

If there’s anything that you want me to talk about, send an email, leave a comment, or schedule a time to get on my calendar:

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