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Home services businesses rise and fall because of those ‘slow months.’ The payroll doesn’t stop - the overhead doesn’t take a break. We know. You want to stay busy and grow.

You’re tired of seeing other companies kill it because they can pump big money online and snap up the leads before you get to them. Most of the big ‘home services’ marketers batch their leads and send them to multiple companies. One lead might be sold to 20 landscapers.

Lots of promises.
Few results.
But somehow ...

the monthly billing doesn’t stop!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

you’ve found an answer -

a way to turn your phones on and start getting a downpour of your own unique leads.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own lead system? Run by people who know how to do it?

You could focus on all the other parts of your business: employees, suppliers, equipment repair
- or hell, maybe do more fishing in Rockport?

What if you got monthly reports on every dollar you spent - and an easy-to-understand 3 pager? You’d be able to peg a clear return to your marketing budget. That’s what a marketing budget is for, by the way, it’s supposed to pay for itself many times over.

What our clients say:


Fidelis is Awesome

Can we talk about how awesome the Fidelis Team is?

During our Brainstorm / IDS meeting today, I was so appreciative of the perspective and creative energy you guys brought to the table. It really built up my excitement for what we’re trying to build

The language you came up with about our products and services really resonated and pumped me up.

Thanks to the whole team for your work behind the scenes of strategizing campaigns, designing graphics, crafting messaging, and cleaning up our mess of analytics accounts.

Stefan Quartermont

President - Qrew Tech
Thompson and Son's Testimonial for Fidelis

With That ROI You Can’t Go Wrong!

Y’all are doing a great job. I love having all these metrics and break downs. Looks like we just need to keep increasing marketing spend. With that ROI you can’t go wrong!

Daniel Thompson

Owner- Thompson & Son's

We have a New Brand that Reflects Who We Are- and are PROUD to use!

We are so happy with what Fidelis created for us. These guys (and gals) really care about getting to know their clients and creating something that truly represents their clients’ company. We now have a new brand for our business that reflects who we are and that we are proud to use! The logo they made for us is something I never could have come up with on my own, and it is truly unique. Mark & Samantha were our primary contacts during the design process, and they were so enjoyable and easy to work with. We also did their branding workshop, which was really eye-opening in figuring out our voice as a company, and helped us make a game plan for our branding & marketing. We look forward to using Fidelis again in the future for additional design and marketing needs. They went above and beyond to make sure we were thrilled with the final product, and we are!

Renee Hogue

Best DIY Design Resources

Everybody is Talking About Our New Look!

“We have had so many compliments on the Salon! Everybody is talking about our new look, the website, and how amazing the video is. The buzz is out, and they’re all talking about it!”

Catwalk Hair Studio


Best Creative Agency In Town!

“Best creative agency in town! Exceptional staff with decades of experience and real results!”

Danielle Coursey

Impeccable Work, Phenomenal People!

“I adore this team of amazing humans!! Not only do they run an impeccable creative agency, but they’re also phenomenal people!! Highly recommend!!”

Jenny Tamplin

Business Owner

Worth Getting it All Right

“I’m really happy with all of this…the animated logo makes me giddy! I can absolutely see a family opening their curriculum and seeing that intro! I thought I was being too picky, but then seeing it all come together in the brand manual made me realize that it was worth getting it all right. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this.”

Oh. My. Word.


Winning Concept

“I constantly am giving ya’ll credit as being a great company to work with. I am serving the same food as my other restaurants and have never won ‘best restaurant’ but we won it with this concept. That’s all you guys.”

Chef Tai - Urban Table

Business Owner

Here's how you get moving:

  1. Take your phone out of your pocket.
  2. Call 888.876.9071 and talk to an OWNER.
  3. Find out in 10-15 minutes if we are a good fit.
  4. IF it looks good, our account agent will get you set up.
It really is that easy.

also – Don't forget step 5 - get your trucks gassed up and ready to roll out.