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Integrated marketing is a subcategory of the more general umbrella category: marketing. Marketing, as a term, is so broadly used in today's business climate that we are forced to be more specific. Do we mean outdoor, like billboards? Do we mean traditional media: radio/tv, or perhaps digital - display ads and re-marketing? See, it gets complicated rather quickly.

The Fidelis Process

As a full-service agency we're with you every step of the way. From naming and visual identity to ads and SEO.
Jim and I just met and are just blown away by how great it looks and how easy you have made it for me to update. You guys are great!!

Jessica Gilbert

As always, thanks for the great care you and the whole Fidelis team have offered. It's fun to work alongside people who "get" what we do. You guys make marketing fun and easy.

Josh Dickens

Marriage Score
"Amazing experience working with the Fidelis team. Their differentiator is their ability to dive into the heart of a business, understand it, and deliver quality work that resonates within the company and translates externally."

Adam Hull

Founder of Brookline Wealth
"Our friends at Fidelis are amazing people. Their services are of the highest quality, but more than that, they want to be a part of our story. If you are in need of GREAT MARKETING SERVICES AND you want to do that with PEOPLE THAT CARE, give these guys a call!"

Suzanne’s School of Dance

"Your crew is amazing. I've been very pleased with everyone I've dealt with. It's refreshing to know that there are companies, other than what I hope mine is, that care about customer service. So many service companies focus on money more than service and that always results in headaches."

Austin Taylor

Owner of Dynamic Drains

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