Executive Brand Package

Your next step, wherever it is, requires development. You must carry the best, most authentic version of your story into that next interview, or mentorship meeting, or board review. But what will you carry? Is it all of the life experiences that brought you to this moment? Is it your resume and the list of credentials? We are more than the sum of our parts and sometimes that is too much information for the market. You should hone. You must refine. You need to brand.


Today's employers and headhunters, customers or clients, hiring boards, and hiring committees want to understand and want to connect with you. A resume alone won't do it. Those who make hiring decisions need to quickly connect with the best version of you and easily imagine how your talent will build their future success. You need executive brand development to get you where you want to go.

4 Month Consultation

– Meeting Every Other Week (8 Total)

– 2 Coaches Each Session

– Composite Recap Slide Deck

– Slowly Working Through a Fidelis Brand Workshop

– Pulling Thoughts / Ideation for Messaging & Leadership content

Now, most of us know what branding is when it's applied to our companies. We’re all familiar with the workshops and strategy/vision days devoted to understanding and the collective push to adopt “The Brand”. But, how much time and consideration have you given to communicating what decision-makers most want to know: what is distinctly powerful about you? They must quickly discern why you must be their next hire.

Defining Personal
Brand Style

– Quick Brand-Delivery System (Style Board)

– Style Consulting (Optional)

– Personal Website

– 6 Months of Marketing Content (2 Posts / Week)

Fidelis believes that successful businesses (and business people) are inherently good - the vehicle by which prosperity flows into the earth. We push brands to deeply connect with their perfect market. Let us equip you on the road ahead. 


– Media Kit

– Media

– More Content

– Phase II (Keep Meeting, Deeper Dive)

– Ghost Marketing

$13,500 or $3,375 / Month - x4