Glimpse: Personality Brand

When two enterprising, spirited women decided they have a message for the world, they rolled up their sleeves and built a business around their mission: to help parents have great conversations with their kids about life’s hardest topics. They needed design services and we raised our hand.

Two sisters launched a personality brand in early 2020 called ‘Oh.My.Word.’ – an exclamation of shock and statement of ownership. When we first met and began discussing their vision of what the brand could be (brand discovery workshop), we knew they would be speaking to young parents struggling to get their hands around some very delicate subject matter. They tackle the big issues head on with humor and well-researched ‘best practices’ for adolescent-equipping. What kind of ‘tough topics’? Sex. Divorce. Tech safety. Alcohol abuse. Gun violence. On-line safety. Just tiny little topics like that. They discovered that parents ‘think’ they’ve addressed topics thoroughly and often enough, but …often, we really haven’t. It’s a big mission.

Brand discovery and brand building naturally means visual language – so we helped them develop a brand aesthetic and voice. Those were really helpful as we built their website, their media, and collateral. We can’t do those things without the right building materials. The clients were pleased. The training workshops launched without any issue, and today – they’re empowering parents month by month. You should check out Oh.My.Word. for yourself or parents who need to say a little more.

We got to flex our media production muscles with video and photos for the website and .pdf we built. The sky is the limit for these two sisters with big vision.

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