Day 5: Look for your Glitches

Punch it, Cleetus!

Of course, you should track your wins, but…more importantly, you should track your losses. That means talking through feedback loops. You gotta tease out what is working and what’s not – gotta find out where you’re leaking money. 

In your marketing funnel, you’re going to have different points of contact with your customer and you should also be measuring each one of those points of contact and whether or not they turn into a conversion.

If all of your efforts don’t generate leads, then boom: right there, you know, you’re leaking customers. You need to fix that. Let’s say that it does generate all these leads but those leads aren’t fruitful conversations. There’s your leak. Let’s say that they are good conversations, but they’re not actually getting to written contracts (work orders, reservation bookings, whatever) for some reason.

There’s your leak.

A good marketing funnel with a full set of customers or a full set of audience built into it – will tell you where your problems are. So while it’s important to be tracking how much you’re winning -because that’s the fun stuff, it’s more important to find the glitches.

That will give you more useful information. It’ll give you more knowledge and give you more power to make good decisions. It will tell you –  Hey, this was a good customer. This was not a good customer. Can we talk this way? and I sold this! 

I hope that helps open up some ideas or thoughts. Need help identifying where your leads are leaking?

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