Day 14: Google AdWords

Day 14 of 30. Today I asked one of our marketing folks here in the shop to share 3 things about AdWords.

She said first off, most people organically search their problem, so Google ads can get you to the top of that page. People don’t search for what you think they want to search, they search for what they are already feeling. They don’t search “who’s the most awesome plumber,” they actually search “my pipe is broken.” There’s a difference there. So as you’re looking at your search terms, be more in tune with what people are actually searching when they need your service.

Secondly, a cool thing about Google AdWords that she said she personally loves is access to the whole partner network. So in addition to their search partners, these are all of the other companies that Google interacts with- companies like Alexa and AOL, etc.

Thirdly, she talked about the idea that super specific targeting equals efficiency. Nine times out of ten, when people come to us we find that they are spending a lot of money on things that are completely inefficient. Without honing in on who their client is, there’s just a huge amount of waste. Because this issue is so common, she really wanted to emphasize that super specific targeting really is pretty clutch.

A bonus point she threw in is that you can collect information about who is searching for you and what they care about. You can drop pixels and do really cheap remarketing. She loves remarketing, so it’s pretty cool. 

I hope that helps give you an idea of some of the features of AdWords. If you’re not already running AdWords, maybe you should be!

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