David Flint Cautions Entrepreneurs to Pause Their Gusto and Think.

Fidelis wants to celebrate our friend David Flint because today, Tuesday March 27th — his new book is available to order in print!

The public has been able to pre-order for a few months, but now the wait is over! They are putting actual books into actual boxes!  Disclaimer: Amazon might have a little difficulty in shifting over from pre-order to full order status; it turns out, Amazon has quite a bit on their plate today as they contemplate how they’ll completely run the globe in a few years.  Let’s all cut them some slack: those warehouse robots are working hard.

Here is the description on Amazon.com:

Building winning strategy doesn’t need to be complicated. Think Beyond Value provides a simple, memorable framework to help readers think beyond the value proposition to form sound business and personal strategy. Dr. David Flint’s simple framework is thorough yet practical, and quickly focuses strategic thinking on the issues of most concern to a particular situation. Think Beyond Value uses easy-to-remember terms that resonate with seasoned strategists, while also opening the world of critical thinking to those new to the process. Whether business or personal, the V-REEL framework guides strategic thinking for anyone seeking a clear plan forward.

If you want to know more about David and his mission to help entrepreneurs, you can visit his website at drdavidflint.com. He speaks, consults, teaches, writes, researches, plays bass guitar…

We want to say a personal word of sincere gratitude for David’s influence in our lives and impact on our business. His framework is a powerfully effective tool that we use in our shop with great frequency.  I tell my friends that it’s like David Flint built a mystery machine: you drop your business concept in and it grinds through the gears he’s meticulously built – shredding/tweaking/squeezing until a better conception of the business emerges on the output side.  The great thing about his machine: the more you drop it in his machine, the more you put it through his framework, the better the conceptual product at the other end.  I wish I had a framework like this for all areas of life.

We wouldn’t be running our shop as well as we are without David’s early guidance.

If you want to read more about how we partnered with David, HERE is a link to the case study on our project back in 2017.